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Medialog Inc. was started in 1971 as a supplier of catalog card kits to publishers and booksellers for k-12 school libraries. The company found its niche in supplying short runs-as few as 10 catalog card kits per title-in an industry that was requiring orders of 100+ catalog card kits per title at the time. Orders for cataloging were turned around in two to five working days, also a unique feature at the time. This quick turnaround and short run capability enabled the small bookseller to compete with the large companies in providing cataloging with their book orders.

The company experienced slow but steady growth through the 1970s and 1980s, adding polyester book jacket covers and shelf-ready services to its product line.

In the mid 1980s Medialog Inc. joined with other record vendors and software producers in deriving the MicroLIF format, a data structure based on MARC specifically designed for school library software systems. The company began marketing MicroLIF records in 1989.

In 2000, after a decade of marked growth, Medialog Inc. moved to its new facility located 35 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio in Northern Kentucky. The fourteen-thousand square foot facility was designed especially for the company, providing for maximum efficiency and optimal production.

Today Medialog Inc. supplies thousands of MARC records every day to school and public libraries. In addition, we continue to produce polyester book covers marketed under several names and we provide a full spectrum of shelf-ready services to our cataloging customers.

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